Three random Flickr photos

First, this note was posted in our apartment complex this morning:

2862827248 e30707c062 Three random Flickr photos

Click through to read the full text of the note, it’s hilarious. We have a neighbor who lives on our floor who lets his stupid dog go on bathroom breaks without supervision. This is problematic because he’s breaking leash laws and illegally not cleaning up the dog’s pooh, but is even more problematic because the dog has gotten lazy and no longer walks all the way to the grassy area in the parking lot before dropping a bomb. I’m amazed I haven’t stepped in a pile already.

Next, we saw this license plate on our drive to work today:

2862036181 1001fc1714 Three random Flickr photos

That’s going to look pretty stupid if Obama loses. Like getting a Microsoft Zune tatoo. For more fun with license plates, see this thread at Drifting Through The Grift.

And finally, my Florida-Tennessee tickets arrived today!

2863048830 6ba6e11c92 Three random Flickr photos

I wrote some about this game over at Rocky Top Talk.

If you need game tickets, you should buy them from Larry at Take Me Out Tickets. I priced these out at Stubhub as well, and the overall price was $35-40 cheaper for equivalent tickets since Stubhub has extra fees and you pay shipping. Plus he’s local and a lot of you already know him, so you’ll get better customer service. And no, I didn’t receive anything to plug the site.

3 thoughts on “Three random Flickr photos

  1. Beat the Gators! Sorry, I was trying for a “Go Vols” but that was the best I could do.

    Have fun at the game. I’m sure that even if the UF-UT game isn’t viewable from our hotel pool, there will be some drunk folks (i.e., me) announcing the score.

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