8mm home movies from the 1960s

I found out not too long ago my Aunt Nancy has a collection of 8mm film reels sitting around my grandfather shot when she and my mom were teenagers/young adults in the 1960s. These may or may not be interesting to you, but they were very interesting to me.

Apparently this is only a small sample of what she has sitting around. As my mom tells it though, a lot of the footage they have was taken by my grandmother, who was short, from inside the car on road trips. So there’s a lot of dashboard. I’m going to try to get more and see if anything else interesting comes up.

Rosco the family dog (circa 1962)

Rosco was a smart Llewellin Setter.

My mom’s graduation from Oglethorpe University (1966)

The first couple of minutes is my Uncle Steve making chip shots on the front lawn while they wait to drive to the graduation ceremony.

My parents’ wedding (1969)

Alas, there’s not any video of the best man puking.

I wish I had known this footage existed when I made my parents’ 40th anniversary video.

Miscellaneous footage (1969?)

I think most of this is from a reception or party before or after my parents’ wedding, but I need to confirm that.

One thought on “8mm home movies from the 1960s

  1. Rusty, if I may ask, how did you get this 8mm film converted to HTML5? I have a number of reels from my Great Uncle working on his farm and would like to update them to digital.

    Thanks for the blog.

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