NCAA Picks 2009-2010 week 4 schedule, week 3 results

It’ll be a couple of years yet before we know if the Lane Kiffin experiment at Tennessee is a success or a failure. I’d caution against reading much from the game against Florida, or out of this season in general. But I am more optimistic about the future now than I was when he was hired. And I’m hoping it works out, because if Georgia football bloggers’ foreheads burst like they have been while the guy is losing, they’ll be beyond apoplectic when he’s winning. That will be fun to watch.

Meanwhile, Carl is still kicking your asses. But griftdrift is rebounding from a miserable first week, winning the second two weeks in a row after our makeshift bowling frame tiebreaker is accounted for.

Week 3 results
Player Points ATS
griftdrift 13 4
Carl Lindecrantz 12 3
Jen 11 2
Writerchad 11 2
Alyssa 10 1
Jason 10 1
Sara 10 1
Tony V. 10 1
Seth 10 1
Garrett 9 0
Rusty 9 0
Patrick 8 -1
B King 7 -2
Overall standings
Player Points ATS
Carl Lindecrantz 32 9
Writerchad 30 7
griftdrift 29 6
Jen 26 3
Garrett 25 2
Jason 25 2
Sara 25 2
Alyssa 24 1
B King 23 0
Seth 23 0
Tony V. 23 0
Patrick 22 -1
Rusty 22 -1
kwakkwak 8 -15
rugby 5 -18

Enter your picks


How many passing yards will Arizona State quarterback Danny Sullivan put up against Georgia’s defense?

Remember to enter your answer to this question in the comments section, and to make sure your answer isn’t the same as anyone else’s.

Last week’s tiebreaker was “How many points will all ACC teams score this week combined?” The answer was 344. I answered 301, which was closest. I guess that’s my consolation prize for being tied for dead last among players who have actually submitted picks every week.

22 thoughts on “NCAA Picks 2009-2010 week 4 schedule, week 3 results

  1. Hmmm….I’m not sure if I can count that high. Actually I think this is the week that their pass defense shows up and instead they get shredded on the ground. I’ll say 246.

  2. So, wait. Is the point total shown based on the results against the spread, or not?

    Tiebreaker: 125 yards
    (not out of any overwhelming confidence in UGA’s defense, just as a strategic bet)

  3. There’s two columns of results: one for total points, and one for points ATS. I need to adjust the table so it’s more obvious visually.

  4. So if I pick that a team “won’t cover” and they win by less than the spread, I don’t get any points for my correct pick in the “overall standings”? Just in the ATS column?

  5. The ATS stat is pretty simple:

    If 9 teams cover their spreads, and you were right about 10 games, then you scored a point better than Vegas, i.e. 1 point ATS.

    If you were only right about 8 games, then you scored -1 ATS.

    And so on. Make sense?

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