How is babby formed

About five weeks ago, when we found out Amber is pregnant, I wrote down most everything that was going on at the time and a decent amount about how we got there. We’re obviously ecstatic about it, which I’m having trouble conveying at 8am after only one cup of coffee.



For a while we were concerned it might be difficult for her to get pregnant, but that concern turned out to be unfounded, as it only took five months. I’d planned to just write a little blurb at the top of the post I wrote for context and to hit publish when we were ready to publicize the pregnancy. But when I went back and read it yesterday, I realized there was a lot of personal information in there and got cold feet.

I do need to write that stuff down for myself. What I’m trying to decide is if there’s any purpose in me telling you all about how thick my sperm is, for example, which shouldn’t be confused with me being concerned about whether that grosses you out or not. On that count, you can grow the fuck up if it bothers you. Or you can not read. You have a couple of good options there.

The question is how do I benefit from sharing that information, and to a lesser degree, how might other people benefit from me sharing that information? And do I have the patience to deal with all the judgmental shit that will inevitably come my way? We’re only a few days in, and already I find myself wanting to throw down with someone on Facebook about something really ignorant she posted.

I’m definitely going to write something, but I haven’t yet decided exactly how I’m going to approach what to share and what not to share.

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