Letter to baby #3

Dear baby,
Today is your mom’s birthday. She’s still not feeling that great, but I expect in another week or two she’ll feel better. I bought her Coca Cola cupcakes to celebrate and then made her some mashed sweet potatoes for dinner. She loves them, I could take them or leave them. It will be interesting to find out whether you end up liking them or not.

I also put together your Little Hoot Pack n’ Play today. Well, except for the changing table part, which had confusing directions. It has owls on it that I think you’ll like, but I get the feeling you’ll tell me if you don’t. We don’t like monkeys, so who knows?

Earlier this week, I went to ‘Bible Study” and got some good tips from some other dads on how to take care of you. You’ll be happy to learn that we won’t waste money on wash cloths that have a 50 percent mark-up just because they’re “meant for babies.”

When moms are carrying babies around, it can be hard for dads to picture a little person in there, even though we know they’re there. I’m eager to meet you, as the other dads said not long after their babies were born that feeling went away.


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