How I’ll vote tomorrow

Here’s how I’ll vote tomorrow morning, you have tonight to convince me I’m wrong about any of this:

US Senator: Michael Thurmond, Democrat
Thurmond was a decent labor commissioner. I don’t think my vote much matters here, but what the hell. Isakson is basically Saxby without the overtures to bigots.

Governor: Roy Barnes, Democrat
Barnes came very, very close to losing my vote with his anti-immigrant pandering a couple of months ago. What changed my mind was he convinced me he was lying about that. How screwed up is that? He is marginally more likely to define transit as something other than “highway tunnel under East Atlanta,” which is enough reason alone for me to vote for him.

Lt. Governor: Carol Porter, Democrat
I don’t really give a shit if Casey Cagle had an affair or not. I do care that he’s kind of sucked at his job.

Sec. of State: Georganna Sinkfield, Democrat
Truth be told, if Barnes were polling better, I might be tempted to vote for Brian Kemp. I’ve had to deal with his office a couple of times in the past year and I have no complaints. But the Tea Partiers have put me in a very anti-Republican mood (let’s not continue the charade of pretending they’re separate entities). Plus, this person likely be Secretary of State during next year’s redistricting and the 2012 presidential election. Would prefer any generic Democrat to any generic Republican there.

Attorney General: Ken Hodges, Democrat
I was really turned off by how dirty the Democratic primary got and by some of Hodges’ supporters. I was also turned off by Sam Olen’s pandering to bigots in the Republican primary. On their merits, I’d probably be okay with either. When Olens isn’t playing a bigot on TV, he’s typically been one of the few not crazy Republicans. Tie goes to the Democrat again, though I may change my mind and write in “Unsubscribe” for this one.

State School Superintendent: Joe Martin, Democrat
Martin (Jim’s brother) is the most qualified, but the Republican isn’t awful here.

Insurance Commissioner: Unsubscribe, ugh ugh ugh
No good choices here.

Agriculture Commissioner: Gary Black, Republican
There you go, one Republican vote.

Labor Commissioner: Darryl Hicks, Democrat
Mostly because the Libertarian uses the phrase “adhering to the Constitutional principles under which our Republic was founded” on his website, which makes me suspect he’s a Tea Partier.

PSC, District 2: Tim Echols, Republican
*Shrug* Tell me I’m wrong here, I hear the phrase “consumer advocate” thrown around in reference to him frequently.

Supreme Court and Superior Court
Little help here lawyers, I’m pretty clueless and will just skip this if someone doesn’t make a good case.

Appeals Court: Chris McFadden
Despite his goofy commercials, Jen likes him. Sold.

Amendment 1: Hell to the naw
Non-competes are already bullshit, this would make them bullshittier.

Other amendments: Yes to 2 and 4, no to the others. 2 is trauma care funding, badly-needed. You better be right about 4 Creative Loafing.

I don’t like the sound of amendment 3, which would let GDOT start projects before it has all the money to pay for them lined up. GDOT is already a black hole where money goes to die.

For amendment 5, I don’t know anything about Garden City, which wants to annex land for an adjacent city, and don’t care enough to read about their situation or vote for this.

Statewide referendum: Eliminates a tax on business inventory unsold for two years. Sure.

5 thoughts on “How I’ll vote tomorrow

  1. I’m with you on all of these, though I’m not sure about the statewide referendum. It’s probably fine, but it sounds like somebody (or a clutch of moneyed somebodies) has a warehouse full of unsold Beanie Babies that are ruining their otherwise sweet property write-off.

    Additionally, I’ve a list of contenders for Johns Creek City Council that I’m not voting for. Why? Because they’re all self-proclaimed Republicans, running as Republicans in non-partisan races. Rein in your pandering, fellows. Please.

    Also, I’ve the tough choice of keeping or dropping Eaves and Pitts from Fulton County Commission. I’m so close to going with CL’s suggestion to flip the card on both of them.

  2. Re: The Senate
    Yeah, even I’m not voting for Thurmond because he ran a terrible campaign. Since it’s a throw away vote anyway, I’m gonna vote for the Libertarian, even though Donovan isn’t impressive.

    Re: Supreme Court
    *sigh* I will probably vote for Nahmias. Yes, he was appointed by Perdue and clerked for Scalia, but.. he’s very bright. I also saw him at a Southern Center for Human Rights fundraiser, so he’s not a complete asshole.

  3. My understanding about Gary Black is that he has a history as a lobbyist for big agribusiness. Do not want.

    My token Republican vote is going to go for Sam Olens.

    I’m at the point where, even if I would rather Georgia not engage in the immigration and health care stuff, there’s no point in fighting that battle. Let the issue go to the courts. In other news, Olens has a history of being a fairly responsible designated driver.

    My long-term view on Olens: As long as Georgia’s future involves Republican governors, I’d rather Olens have a good shot at it. Better him than get a batshit crazy deal.

    Meantime, I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees through what Amendment 3 would mean. And I’m really confused by CL’s endorsement of it. WTF?

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