Letter to baby #6

Dear baby,
You’ve been kicking your mom a lot lately, and I can feel it from the outside! You’re usually awake in the evening when we’re watching TV. You seem to kick more during one show we watch called Fringe. I like to think it’s because you share our disgust with the writing and are asking us to change the channel to X-Files, which Fringe is ripping off. I hope we’re not traumatizing you in there, we’re just trying to stick it out until season 2 since our friends tell us it gets better.

Your room is really coming along. This week several more things to stock it have come in the mail: a crib mattress, a wall shelf, a hamper with an owl on it, a picture with birds on it, and some more of your diapers. We also ordered a recliner for your mom that we hope will help her sleep when you get even bigger in a few weeks, though it won’t be here for a little while yet.

I’m trying to take as much time off from work as I can to spend with you early on since you’ll only be a baby once. There will be plenty of time for me to work.


P.S. – I’m keeping a list of the people who make “is this your sixth baby?” jokes after reading the title of this letter. The day they meet you, I’ll make sure your diaper is loose and point you in their direction.

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