Letter to baby #7

Dear baby,
I often think about how things I take for granted are going to be new to you, and wonder what you’ll think and how you’ll react.

Sometimes a song comes on the radio or my iPod I’ve heard a hundred times before, and I skip over it, and it occurs to me you have never heard that song before. So then I think when you’re here I’ll need to stop and let you listen. Then again maybe it’s optimistic of me to think you’ll be interested. Maybe all kids are meant to grow up and think their parents have terrible, dated taste in music.

When I heat leftovers in the microwave, I know not to put metal in there. And I know not to twist the stove knobs without letting the spark light the gas first. And I know that forks are for eating food and not for filling electrical sockets. These are things I will need to remember to tell you so you don’t blow up the house and yourself.

You’ve never been to a grocery store, or a baseball game, or a movie, or a museum, or an aquarium… there are just so many things, most of which aren’t scary, that we’ll get to experience together. Some of them you’ll enjoy, some of them you won’t. The fun will be in finding out.

Almost everything is ready to go out here, we’re down to a couple of things on our list before “baby watch” starts April 8. I’m so excited to meet you!


One thought on “Letter to baby #7

  1. You three are going to have so much fun. Part of the joy/wonder of being a parent is seeing the world through the eyes of your child.

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