North DeKalb Mall is awesome

Tonight was an impromptu date night since we got a sitter at the last minute. We went and saw the most recent Harry Potter movie at the AMC theater at North DeKalb Mall. There was a guy on our row making loud, inane comments most of the time, which was annoying ’til the end when people were getting up to leave. He got up and immediately did a faceplant in the aisle. His reactions were too slow for him to bother trying to break his fall.

Before seeing him, I thought he was some dumbass kid. Amber correctly guessed he was a grown person whacked out of his mind on one drug or another.

Also seen at North DeKalb Mall:

  • A hurricane simulator kiosk. I imagined this as a guy hiding behind a curtain with a cup of water and a 2×4 who splashes then clubs you after you insert quarters.
  • A public bathroom blocked off with stacked chairs from the food court

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