Our morning routine

Amber takes care of Fitz during the day while I’m at work, and I take him for overnight duty and mornings.

He typically gets up either around 5:30 or 7 depending on if he woke up for a feeding in the middle of the night or not. After I feed him and change him, I put him in his bouncy seat in the kitchen and he watches me make breakfast, take care of any dirty dishes, feed the birds, and any other miscellaneous chores. He’s usually in a very good mood during this time, smiling and interacting with me.

Then I try to get him to take a nap, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. He’s a great nighttime sleeper, sometimes going out for a stretch of 9 hours straight at night. He’s not a great daytime sleeper. It’s been hard, and getting harder, to get him to sleep during the day.

Amber is usually showering during this time, and she takes over when she gets out and I get ready for work.

(I didn’t promise you excitement on this blog, I’m writing this purely for my reference later)

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